I have not written here for reals in a looooong time. I miss it. I miss the space to reflect and connect. I’ve been busy. You know, getting divorced. Illustrating a kid’s book<3 Traveling. Teaching. Falling in Love. I feel like one lucky lady to have had all of these life breaking open adventures. Life is full and I crave time to relish it.

Sticking my feet in turqouise at The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Punta Mita, Mexico… it wasn’t a bad view at all

Teaching Painting on Mayhew Island, NH… don’t you love our drying station?

Sunset over the swing set in Nova Scotia, Canada

This summer I traveled to Palm Springs, the East Coast, Nova Scotia and Mexico. Each trip represented a big A-HA and growing edge. Palm Springs for independence. Maine for family. Nova Scotia for healing and new beginnings (more on that later) and Mexico for love. I feel incredibly grateful to have had these adventures and to uncover more of myself in the process. Our world is pretty glorious and I feel lucky to pay witness to these views of water and sky.

The Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. We made it after 13 hours of driving. 

Mexico Rainbow on our first night there felt auspicious


More soon xoxoxoo