This month we wrapped up the second session of my online painting class, Daring Adventures in Paint + Life. During class we keep our adventures under wraps, but this session was too good not to share! I was blown away by my classmates’ abundant energy and soulful creativity. Pushing beyond your painting edges in the company of fellow artists from around the world is pure magic — exciting, transformative, and deeply daring. Here’s a peek inside our virtual painting haven:


Just a few of the amazing paintings made this fall 🙂

DAP_Tricia Tharp copyby Tricia Tharp

Kathy Fisherby Kathy Fisher

Lyn Metcalfby Lyn Metcalf

Shannon Newlinby Shannon Newlin


“Thank you so much for a wonderful & inspiring course! I felt like I went to yoga for artists…finding the inner artist in me.”


“This class has been one of the best experiences in my life and everyone sharing their concerns, questions, and accomplishments, has helped me realize I am not alone!”


“Awww, man this class has been so much fun. I love sitting down each morning to read your posts.”


“One of the best things about this class is you sharing your work in your videos and showing your work in progress. It’s great to see the evolution and watch the flow.”


“When I worked as a staff designer I usually had to design for an existing brand. I feel like now I am discovering myself and I can’t believe I am holding a paintbrush!! I have never painted so much before.”


“I have all kinds of fears, critiques and uncertainties that are slowly being conquered.”


“I really like my paintings and collages! They have very deep meaning to me. This is a new and deeper direction for me and I am super happy to be going in it : )”


“Thank you, Mati for a wonderful course and for the kindness, wisdom, beauty and gentleness that you bring into the world. Thank you to my fellow seafarers, it has been wonderful and inspiring witnessing your unique and beautiful work.”


Thanks to everyone who dared to paint their magic.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’re in luck… Our next session starts in January 🙂

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