In painting (as in life) we must learn to let go of our attachment to outcomes. Or, put another way, surrender to the outcome that will eventually arrive on its own terms. Oh yes, this is hard. Oh yes, it can be painful to sacrifice something good. But once you trust in the possibilities of your own magic, you can dare to let go + see what unfolds. Like this painting, which I transformed over + over again:

incarnation #1…



…and the final painting *print available in my shop* (original SOLD)


At each stage, this painting is “good,” yet always open to transformation. With each new iteration, the composition gains a fresh magic. And here’s the wild thing: the final painting would not exist had I not let go of its predecessors. Whoa. Can you imagine what you could create if you really let go?


To let go + keep going, bearing the full uncertainty of what will happen next: this is the greatest dare.


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