Hi friends,

On Sunday I heard my friend Monica’s beautiful new song and immediately thought about my recent painting ‘Let Go’ and offered to contribute it to her campaign.

Monica and Josh are raising money on Indiegogo to record an album. The campaign is doing great but they could always use more help, so I’m offering up limited edition archival prints of my painting as one of the perks!
There is a synchronicity to what we created. I was thinking how funny it is that she never saw my piece ‘ Let Go’ and yet,  the lyrics of her song use this phrase, and the song mentions strings, which I have as red lines in my painting.   Here is the chorus of her song:
There are strings in my human heart
That can pull apart, they can pull apart
I could leave everything I know
I could let it go, I could just let go
And here is my painting. Pretty cool, huh?
Listen to Monica and Josh perform the whole song and consider pitching in.  Every little bit helps!

Mati Rose