I’m so excited to launch my newest e-course, Daring Adventures in Collage.  Join the party!


Brand New Class starting

June 1st – July 3rd

Early Bird Discount Price: $99!
Final Price when class starts= $199

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What’s it like to take an e-course with me? I’ll let my students take this one:

“A wonderful & inspiring course! I felt like I went to yoga for artists…finding the inner artist in me.”

“My time, my place, my self.

“I can feel that push and pull that comes with being out of your comfort zone.”

“Fear is a part of me, but art is healing from the inside out. I don’t care if I’m good or bad, if I sell art or finish a piece… I have the heart and hands of an artist.”

“When I listen to the painting, it’s always a win (because if I’m doing it right, the “painting” is my own intuition talking to me). BAM!”

“Lovely to see such a breadth of expression and playfulness from across the globe.”

“When I worked as a staff designer I usually had to design for an existing brand. I feel like now I am discovering myself and I can’t believe I am holding a paintbrush!! I have never painted so much before.”

“Checking my inbox each day for the new ‘lesson’ was always a treat! I truly got addicted to painting. And thank you classmates for sharing your art and parts of your world and the great feedback and discussions. This group turned into this lovely art community and I hope we can keep sharing on here. Ahoy!”

“Thanks Mati for a great course. Although I’ve been creative in my life in lots of ways, painting has always been too difficult, too much of an unknown quantity – I’ve just never known how to start. I have enjoyed carving out a little space in my life for paint over the last few weeks. I’ve really enjoyed all the different aspects of the course and everyone’s daring contributions. And tonight I have a painting on my lounge wall – by me!!! It’s not totally fabulous but there are aspects of it that I like. I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me that I can indeed be an artist and I’ve just realized tonight that I just need to tell myself. I am an artist.”

So what about the art?

Here is just a smidgen of the amazing art created by my e-course students:

Paintings by (clockwise from top left) Daring Adventures in Paint students Lyn Metcalf, Heidi TenPas, Tricia Tharp, Trina Dalziel, Shannon Newlin, & Nikki Cade

Ready to dare?

Brand New Class! June 1st – July 3rd

Early Bird Discount Price: $99

Final Price when class starts= $199

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Keep daring, friends 🙂