Stuck in traffic and you thought the the story of your life would be….

One version is me with an old turquoise pick up, red cowgirl boots, braids, daily hikes, a big place to paint overlooking the desert. Georgia O’Keefe style.

The other is by the sea. Cable knit. A lab. A scruffy husband with laugh lines. A baby. Sweet dinners at home and hand holding.

The 3rd is maybe a little influenced by Eat, Pray, Love— me in Rome. Riding the backs of mopeds.

Just don’t be boring is the theme. Take the road with the most delicious fruit.

Did I tell you I’m moving a house in Nova Scotia? Assuming the building permit goes through. I’ve been talking a lot with the Canadians. Loving their Scottish- Maine sounding accents. “So we’re gonna move your hauuus”, says the excavator.

I want to be a grounded dreamer. A do-er. A make it up and make it happen gal.

I see myself sending fabric and pillows for the inside of the house. Wall-papering the inside. Before it has plumbing or electricity. Who needs it?

A compelling thing about my boyfriend is that he initiated a work trip to Nova Scotia. He’d look mighty fine with a tool-belt.

All my fantasies today are about escaping.

{excerpt from my Wild Writing class with Laurie Wagner}