Hi friends,

Is it just me or are there so many awesome ecourses out there right now? Two of my art friends Alena Hennessy and Jessica Swift wrote me about their courses and I’m totally signing up for both stat! Coincidentally, I feature interviews with both of them in MY painting ecourse: Daring Adventures in Paint available for instant access here!

Jessica’s Pattern Design Class starts next weekend! I’m so excited to learn more about creating Repeat patterns!
Learn more about Pattern Camp here !


Alena Hennessy’s Co-Lab class looks amazing too! It’s a collaboration with photographer Susan Tuttle and Alena who is a mixed-media painter who came together to create: Paint, Paper & IPhoneography Magic! I’m excited to learn how to create dreamy iphone paintings + photos like students  below:

julia godden

cheryl greene

Aren’t those incredible?! To find out more info on CoLab Artistry click here!