Hello lovely affiliates!

I’m running Daring Adventures in Creative Biz starting Monday, February 23rd for 6 months! The pilot class was a great success! So much so that people wanted to take it again and double the length.

I’d love it if you want to spread the word and make some $ doing so! I’m very grateful for your help.

Here’s how:

1. Click the following link to get started and register for an E-junkie account: Join DACB Affiliate Program!

2. Once you’ve logged in to E-junkie, go to the “Manage your Affiliate Account” screen and choose “Get Affiliate Code”.

3. Choose “Mati Rose Art” from the drop-down list and click “Get Affiliate Code” button.

4. Copy the code to your website as a link, or link it up to a lovely badge attached below.

That’s it! Every time you mention Daring Adventures in Creative Biz using your link and someone signs up, you’ll make a kickback! We’ll pay you when the class begins.



please email me with any questions:

You will receive 40% of every sale that is tracked through your unique affiliate link— almost $40 off each sale. 

Below are some images you are welcome to use in your marketing of the course:

creative biz badge 7


 creative biz badge 6

creative biz badge 2












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