DA Abstract Painting Class

Dear Daring Adventurers,


Welcome to Daring Adventures in Abstract Paint—COLOR Love Edition

I’m so excited to announce Daring Adventures in Abstract Painting— COLOR LOVE!!!

This fun 8 video lesson class is going to build in color collecting along the way!

  • Push yourself with new color combinations 
  • Really dive deep into color mixing
  • Pair colors that normally wouldn’t go together

We’re going to re-mix the DA in Abstract painting class! Adding a few more painting videos with a focus on COLOR!
In this 8 lesson painting class we’ll dive into delicious world of Abstract Painting!

JOIN NOW: Available now instant access to go at your own pace! 


$179 Forever Access

*Key word here is PLAY!! I want to share with you the joy that abstract painting can be. No experience necessary. I’ll be creating work alongside my amazing assistant and talented artist Lily Uoka.


We will create LUSH beautiful paintings from your dreams to the canvas and to your walls! 


Some of the things we’ll tackle in this class together:

  • Working Big!
  • Stencils
  • Gold + Silver leaf
  • fluorescents
  • Developing your personal color stories
  • Playing
  • Etching
  • Dripping
  • Mark Making
  • Layering
  • Gaining confidence
  • Abstracting flowers + landscapes
  • Personal symbols
  • Composition
  • Using mediums + glazes
  • Spray paints, gouache & varied paint experimentations


Self Paced Version of Daring Adventure into Abstract Painting

Forever access to class! And forever access to private Facebook Painting community.

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JOIN NOW: Available now instant access to go at your own pace! 

$179 Forever Access

I’m teaching you EVERYTHING I know about abstract painting. Over 20 years of painting and 10 years of professionally working as an artist and illustrator.

Plus inspiring video interviews with amazing painters: Jennifer Mercede, Carrie Schmitt, Pam Garrison, Faith Evans-Sills and more!

Student Work (so hard to choose what beauties to share)!

All 5 pieces created in our class by Kelly Luna who shares—

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but this is the first online painting class I’ve managed to keep up with and I’m convinced it’s because this class was so FUN and full of wonderful inspiration. THANK YOU, Mati and Lily for a fantastic experience. And thank you to all of the other students as you have all be a HUGE source of inspiration and encouragement!:


Work in progress by Laura Horn—

Absolutely loved the course and as you know it’s been a game changer for me. I’ve been very busy with work and all sorts of projects since the course. Branching into abstract art has opened many doors for me.



Below Nikki Cade started painting on globes as well as canvases!

This was the best class!!! I finally feel like I’m finding my voice and had SO much fun doing it. Thank you guys for showing up, being brave, and making beautiful work!!! Hope we can all stay in touch 🙂 Ginormous hugs from Texas! —Nikki



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Recently, I jumped off the canvas and collaborated with clothing label on a dress line with my abstracts and interior spaces:Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.36.32 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.42.16 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.38.49 PM

Mock up poster on table in loft space - 3D render80b9b200a94911e2914322000a1f984e_7

mati smile ccc (1)Mati Rose McDonough is an artist and daring adventurer whose name is pronounced Matey, like Ahoy! She is an Oakland, California based artist, illustrator, painting teacher and author of “Daring Adventures in Paint”.  After wanting to be an artist for many years, but feeling like it was “impractical”, at 29 years Mati took the leap and went back to art school at the California College of the Arts. Almost 10 years later, she is still excited and terrified every time she sees a blank canvas. She has had dozens of art shows, taught painting classes internationally and had her art used by clients Patagonia, University Games, Pier 1, as well as greeting cards, and her very own home decor line. She also has illustrated several children’s books including “i carry your heart” written by ee cummings. Through her workshops,book, and popular online course, she spreads a warm message of creative courage: it’s never too late to show the world your magic.

{photo credit: Andrea Scher (bio pic)}