Show Spotlight: CA Illustration & Design Show/ february 2011

It was an honor to be included in this CA Design & Illustration show at Los Medanos College alongside Jason Munn, Lisa Congdon and Hugh D’Andrade. We each had the opportunity to create installations for the show in our own rooms of the gallery. The work made me proud!


Past Select Exhibitions

2011 Enormous Tiny Art Show, NH
SPIN with Jennifer Judd-McGee, Rare Device Show, SF
CA Illustration & Design Show at Los Medanos College, CA

2010 Enormous Tiny Art Show, LA
Art Stream Gallery Valentine’s Day Show, NH

2009 Enormous Tiny Art Show, LA
CORE Mannequin Show, LA
Mini Bar Show at 826 Divisadero, SF
Squam Art Show, NH and Nahcotta’s Enormous Tiny Art Show, NH
Little Pink Houses with Lisa Congdon, The Curiosity Shoppe, SF

2008 The Enormous Tiny Show III + IV, Nahcotta, Portsmouth, NH
Let’s Go, Madrone Lounge, San Francisco, CA

Where We Overlap, a.Muse Gallery, San Francisco, CA
The Girly Show, Deja Design Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Beehive Works, Triptych, San Francisco, CA
Into Yourself, Irwin Center Gallery, Oakland, CA

Monster Girls, The Attic, San Francisco, CA
Mati & Hugh, Triptych, San Francisco, CA

Compound 21 Show, Atlas, San Francisco, CA

Group Show, Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Joint Show with Hugh D’Andrade, 66 Balmy Gallery, San Francisco, CA