Summer 2014:

Daring Adventures in Paint on Mayhew Island, NH

August 20-24, 2014

Imagine going to summer camp as an adult, on a forested island in a pristine freshwater lake…


Imagine creating in this special place, alongside a nurturing community of seasoned instructors and others like yourself.


Yes, this may seem like the wildest of dreams… but I promise it’s real!!

So join me and a fabulous cohort of instructors for some restorative summer joy. I will be teaching three days of my trademark Daring Adventures in Paint course…


Enticing, yes? Explore Art{retreat} Camp’s full program and register here

Fall 2014

Daring Adventures in Paint — on the beach! Hosted by SOULSHINE Studio in The North Fork, NY

DAP soulshine flier_web

Daring Adventures in Paint at Create. Explore. Discover. — October 2014 on Lake Tahoe!

October 24-26, 2014

I am thrilled to be heading back to Lake Tahoe, CA for this inspiring retreat! Come along if you’re seeking a chance to:

  • tap back into your creativity
  • uncover your secret self
  • honor life’s special moments
  • dig deep into your heart
  • get messy and play

I will be teaching my signature course: Daring Adventures In Paint! This fun, soul-stirring class is suitable to painters of all levels. We’ll explore easy ways to layer paint, play with lush color, make daring choices and learn to trust your own voice in the process.

Past courses:

I’m co-leading an exciting new ecourse with my friend + creativity coach Willo O’Brien called RE:CONNECT–Get Unstuck & Find Your Magic class. It begins September 17th and runs 5 weeks! As we interview our wise contributors I’m realizing just how deep this well is and how much I have to learn alongside everyone too. We hope you can join us!

Daring Adventures In Paint at “Create Explore Discover” in Tahoe, CA: Oct 13 + 14th, 2012

photo credit: Leslie Sophia Lindell

Daring Adventures In Paint will be a fun exploration, suitable to painters of all levels. We’ll explore easy ways to layer paint, play with lush color, make daring choices and learn to trust your own voice in the process.

Saturday, Oct 13 Daring Adventures in Paint – Creating a Lush Background

Saturday, Oct 13 Daring Adventures in Paint – Making a Patchwork Collage

Get Your Paint On!

My friend Lisa Congdon and I have once again joined together to bring you Get Your Paint On!

Get Your Paint On: A Five Week Painting Class for Beginners and Life-long Learners

with Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough

5 weeks of Painting, Inspiration and Instruction!
(design above by victoria smith + photos by leslie sophia lindell)

February 2011/ Joy Retreat, Manzanita, OR

We spent five days on the Oregon Coast focused on the theme of Joy at the Be Present Retreat. We ate delicious meals, gathered for laughter and connection, spent time sharing our stories, played with paint and instant photography and made food. We found our way to the quiet and took time to breathe deeply as we looked out at the sea.

February 2010 / An Artful Journey, Los Gatos, CA

Kelly and I taught a Chunky Funky Coffee Table Book (CFCTB) this weekend in the Santa Cruz mountains, or as we coined in our class- collage on steroids! We had the best time! It was amazing to see the transformation of not only the students, but from the clean classroom to the creative explosion it became! The students were so positive and full of energy and enthusiasm! We painted for 3 days straight and many students kept on painting to midnight. Thank you everyone! I loved every second with you and feel so filled up. We even had a little harlem-globetrotters-esque cheer at the end as we piled into the assembly to share our work cheering the CFCTB with the books held up high. It was a definite highlight. more details…

February, 2009 / Art Nest, Park City, Utah

dear art nesters,

i asked you to write a letter to your selves with your intentions for the class and now i’m writing you a letter back of gratitude.

thank you. my heart is exploding in a million pieces in the best way. i fell in love with each and every one of you and your unique stories, unfolding before us. and continuing to inspire all of us.

thank you. i will forever remember you who had never picked up a brush before, you who found her friends among us, you whose mom told you her art sucked and pushed on, you who found your confidence, you whose first piece i purchased! you who is getting married…the many of you who re-built your lives post-divorce, you who are mammas balancing their creative dreams and families, you who turned 40 and anew, all of you who inspired me with your passion and contagious enthusiasm and for letting me guide you as a newbie teacher.

thank you especially candice, julie and cossandra for creating the space to make it happen. i miss the mountains of utah… sigh.


photos here

October, 2009 / Tuscany, Italy

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am co-teaching a painting & mixed-media class with the amazing Kelly Rae Roberts in Tuscany! yes, Italy! This October! Join us for a week of creativity & painting bliss~ relaxing in the beautiful city of Cortona, with day trips to Florence to explore the galleries & flea markets! Not to mention leisurely Italian meals and wine and lovely accommodations. Dreamy! I cannot wait to experience this amazing opportunity with some of you! more details…

photos by leslie sophia lindell

Please contact me if you'd like to chat about teaching opportunities. Thanks!