i’m finally catching up from my vacation… a funny concept, eh?

my trip was in 3 parts= DC, maine & the boston area. first spent with my college friend Kara and her new adorable babe Lucy, then my family and my sweet sister and her husband respectively. here are some sights of colorful DC town houses, rothko (the colors are really so much more in person) maine lobstahs and my high school bro graduating (the salutorian, no less!) in no particular order. my bro is now on a almost 3 week hiking pilgrimage with a young friend in spain and i am so proud of him! go andrew!
town houses of DC
lucy loo
mister rothko
fountain at the DC sculpture garden
special request from me
my brother and his highschool graduation

i also had the pleasure of seeing my peak’s island cousin jamie who is so inspiring in her artful life and is now blog-alicious. and stopping by Nahcotta with my dear childhood friend Lynn for one of their shows! i look forward to going to the opening of the next Enormous Tiny Show there in September and seeing them again!

i was writing to a friend earlier that we definitely need to figure out a way to be bi-coastal in the summertime for reals. i miss maine summers… long days stretched out with little to do. ahh. unless i lived there i suppose! my mom is up at the crack of dawn planting her dahlia bulbs, weeding, cooking, darning (she does) and yoga-ing before i even come downstairs for breakfast, so not everyone is as lazy as i.

oh yes, kelly and i had the pleasure of meeting the lovely + talented hula and her incredible little family last week. so sweet. i cannot wait to see them again! soon.

xoox me