Renegade was awesome, but exhausting! It was like setting up a retail store for just 2 days… credit card ability, walls, tables, bags, merch… you get the drift. We far exceeded our expectations and had a blast but, are tired and still catching up and unpacking boxes.

I liken being a Renegade Crafter & Independent artist to this quote by the oh so talented Neko Case:
“Playing in an independent rock band will eventually make you equal parts truck driver, gladiator and mule. Glamour is for those with trust funds”.

So today I feel like part mule and part truck driver… or bike rider with saddles on.

The biggest thrill was being inspired by all the other Renegades and their talent, plus meeting some of you in person. Here is a photo by one such lovely blogger. Thank you!
my paintings at Renegade
miss kelly rae took my pic
and anotha of us togetha... again by kelly

The photos of me & us were snapped by the amazing Kelly Rae who makes us smile. Please go over to her blog and leave her some good juju & healing thoughts.