On Daring Adventures…

Big changes and celebrations continue over here!
I just launched my Daring Adventures in Paint & Life ecourse! I’d love for you to join me:


It’s been a looong time in the works + I’m ready to get this party started!

Daring Adventures in Paint & Life
6 weeks of Paint, Play & Inspiration:
Starting April 29th – June 2nd
Early Bird Celebration is $99!
(Regular price will be $299)

Hop on over here to register! 

This 6 week ecourse is not just about painting, it’s about being daring in art & life! What you do on the canvas mirrors the bold steps you take in your life! This course is for anyone who wants to strengthen their creative muscles, be inspired on a daily basis, and step into their own brilliance and find their magic.

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photo credit: leslie sophia lindell

Thank you for your kindness in the last post on rebuilding.

I believe I wrote my book Daring Adventures In Paint as medicine for my future self. To remember my words as my life as I knew it crumpled around me. As I separated from my husband of 10 years and moved to a new apartment on the other side of the Bay, by myself and for myself; to remember that this was all a daring adventure.

Every day we get to decide how we’re going to show up for the challenges we’re faced with. This perspective of choice builds resilience and courage, and is a core aspect that we practice and strengthen with creativity. And in particular: painting is my teacher. Through painting, we are allowed to practice stretching our boldness by what colors and strokes we choose to put on the canvas. We get to decide to paint it all over again and heal it and start again. Giant metaphors for life, growth and renewal.

Mati Rose