this weekend we managed to catch some good music at the free bluegrass fest in golden gate park. every year it gets bigger, but somehow we still manage to run into our friends. these photos were taken by bob lake (the awesome mister of jenifer). they nearly stepped on us as they walked through the crowds with their doggie dixie… hey, we know you we said, have a seat. i love the top photo and the line of white turbans, the sun and the crowd shot to the stage as we watched ms neko case. i feel like i’m there again. i’ve never seen someone more inspired and better with the i-phone camera than bob. he’s a talented photographer all around.

my fave song of neko’s is that “teenage feeling”… i like this video i found on youtube and the textiles:

i also found this sweet illustrated video of hers… the artist looks like julie morstad, but i’m not sure?:

happy listening,