Easy + Soulful Friendship

Absolutely lovely (and healing) hike up bernal with @matirose! Great way to start the day.

My friend Willo and I clicked right away. Every Monday morning we were part of a Ladies Independent Design League, where we inspired each other, processed our challenges and held each other accountable as self-employed creatives.  Additionally Willo and I regularly took hikes together up Bernal Hill, where we’d sweat and talk about how to balance it all… our creativity, our businesses and our relationship with our bodies. We became fast friends over the course of the year+ and shared deeply in our joys and struggles.

2011, you were a wild ride

During this time I co-founded a dream art studio, wrote and published my first painting book, illustrated my first 2 kid’s books and co-ran my first ecourse. Not to mention awesome illustration work! It was an epic and successful and exhausting year.

Towards the end of 2011, on a BART ride from my studio in Berkeley to my home in SF, I wrote an email to Willo, brainstorming an idea I had about an ecourse we could do together. Unbelievably, that same evening, November 16th, 2011, my world changed.

Its extremely difficult for me to summarize the last nine months, but I can say I have been healing and reconnecting in ways I never thought possible. Furthermore, I’m incredibly grateful to say that I now feel like I am finally on the other side, where I see possibility and happiness on the horizon.

2012: Rebirth begins!
During this time, Willo was pouring her heart into her startup and speaking career, but every time we got together, we’d talk about how much we wanted to make this course happen. We had already created the outline, and we even had a website with a waiting list! We also knew how beneficial it would be for others out there.

Recently, Willo made the courageous move to follow her heart’s calling to her true work, and with that we’ve had the opportunity to put the final touches on our creative collaboration. Yes… our ecourse has been birthed!



We’ve also invited a few guest contributors, each magical in their own right, to join us on this adventure:

I’m really excited about this course, and I think you all will dig it, too. Click on over to our brand new RE:CONNECT website to learn more & join us!